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Looking to reach a more engaged audience? Advertise with us and/or sponsor our events. We’re the go to destination for comedy and live music in Barrie.

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11,000+ Visitors

Our website was viewed by over 11,000 unique visitors in the last 12 months. 53% females, 47% males.

650+ patrons

Attended our comedy shows in 2023. We’re looking to double that number for 2024.

200+ Mailing List

Within our first year of operation we’ve gotten 200 users on our mailing list. We send a monthly email with all our upcoming deals and news.


Targeted Demographics

We’re all about data. We utilize both traditional advertising methods such as posters on windows, and digital methods, such as Meta advertisements, Google Analytics, and partner websites. With these digital methods we’re better able to determine our patron demographics.


We’re experts at omni-channel marketing. Why advertise just on Meta, when you can advertise with us and get access to the following benefits:

Facebook Ads & Page

Instagram Ads & Page

Website Visibility

Poster Placement

Radio Giveaways

On Location Visibility

Newsletter Mentions


People want to know what’s going on in town. That’s why we were able to grow our newsletter so quickly. Check out some of our stats below.


Average Open Rate
(yes we know, 30% is considered top-tier)


Average Click Rate

Some Of The
We Work


Local Impact

Advertising with LiveBarrie offers brands a chance to connect with the local community, build brand loyalty, and enhance their local image. Our events, attended by local residents, provide a direct channel to engage with a community-focused audience. It's an authentic way to show support for community events and strengthen community ties.

Supporting the Arts

Advertising with LiveBarrie goes beyond marketing—it's a commitment to supporting the arts and culture. Partnering with us means nurturing the vibrant world of live comedy and entertainment, and it's a vital part of corporate social responsibility. This sponsorship elevates your brand, enriches the community, and builds a lasting cultural legacy, transcending typical advertising.

Looking for even more Reasons?

Versatile formats

Choose from a variety of ad formats and placements, including digital and physical options. Whether it’s online visibility or on-site presence, we provide flexible and creative solutions to fit your brand's needs.

Tailored Campaigns

We offer personalized advertising campaigns, aligning them with your specific marketing goals. Our team works directly with you to ensure your brand message is effectively conveyed to our audience.

Reputable Partnerships

Our collaboration with renowned entities like Yuk Yuks and esteemed venues like The Rec Room enhances the appeal of advertising with us. Associating your brand with these respected names in the entertainment industry can significantly elevate your brand's prestige and credibility in the market.

Successful Event History

LiveBarrie's track record of success, highlighted by selling 650 comedy show tickets in our first year, showcases our ability to attract and engage audiences effectively. Advertising with us means partnering with a proven platform that resonates with its audience.

Looking for Event promotion?

Individual advertising options include:

Social media shoutout
Social media pinned post
Featured event placement
Email newsletter inclusion
Website banner

Ready? Reach out

We’ve had a hell of a 2023, now here’s to 2024. Become a part of our story, engage with our audience, and let’s make something memorable.

Please email info@livebarrie.co or fill out our form here.

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